Friday, September 19, 2008

The Trip...

So, a little update on The Trip. After a talk today with the leader of my church's Missionary Care team, we have it narrowed to a region. Southeast Asia. The next step is to contact our missionaries to see where the area of greater need is. If you'd like to pray, pray for direction. We want the Father's will to be done in the selection of my destination.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Mission if I Choose to Accept...

Was playin some b-ball today with some of the home school kids. Rolled my ankle during a game of rim ball. no bueno.

today i was presented with a very big ministry opportunity. there is the possibility of an overseas long term trip. while it is something i've been earnestly praying for [more vaguely for a chance to be used] i don't want to be too hasty.

i've been on a few mission trips and love the chance to experience different cultures and the fellowships of other disciples. this trip would be like no other. aside from a hugely different culture, i'd be goin alone. No 10-20 person teams. No set schedules. No known contacts. it will most definitely be the trip of a life time.

i don't want to give details just cause it's not a definite. i'm not into building up and then tearing things down when things fall through.

so i ask you for your advice and your prayers.