Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Mission if I Choose to Accept...

Was playin some b-ball today with some of the home school kids. Rolled my ankle during a game of rim ball. no bueno.

today i was presented with a very big ministry opportunity. there is the possibility of an overseas long term trip. while it is something i've been earnestly praying for [more vaguely for a chance to be used] i don't want to be too hasty.

i've been on a few mission trips and love the chance to experience different cultures and the fellowships of other disciples. this trip would be like no other. aside from a hugely different culture, i'd be goin alone. No 10-20 person teams. No set schedules. No known contacts. it will most definitely be the trip of a life time.

i don't want to give details just cause it's not a definite. i'm not into building up and then tearing things down when things fall through.

so i ask you for your advice and your prayers.

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