Friday, March 13, 2009

Week Four: Stayin' Alive


Wow, it's hard to believe I've been here from a month now. So much has happened in such a short time. I look foward to the next two and a half months.

So an update on the current threat level is order. I would not have you be ignorant, I'm not in exacatly the safest locale at the moment. I just got an e-mail from the Embassy telling all Americans to avoid this particular a region (Terai).

The night of my last entry two people were beheaded in a town further down the road. In the next district over, shooting between police and demonstrators left one officer and two civilians dead. In Koholpur, where I am currently located, a bus was stopped, vacated, and then smashed and burned.

Last night I watched as police and Terahus (the natives of the Terai region) fought in the streets. The protestors would throw stones and bricks at the police. When the barrage would cease, the police would chase down the men (and boys) and attempt to beat them down with large bamboo sticks.

Since the overthrow of the monarchy 10 years ago, rule of law has been tossed out the window. In Nepal, the masses rule and there is not much the gov't or police can do to quell rebellions or protests.

All vehicular travel in and out of the Terai region has been haulted indefintetly. In order for me to get back to Pokhara, I would need to cycle or walk 12km to Nepal Gunj, hop on a plane to Kathmandu, and the bus back to Pokhara.

Please pray for the current situation. For the safety of not just myself, but also of the people who live here. That Uttar and I would still be able to minister and reach people despite travel restrictions. And that I would be able to make it safely back to Pokhara at the end of the month.

grace and peace


Rhetoricalifornian said...

stay safe - do good work - and all will fall into place.

roula said...

I am praying. Stay safe brotha. I love ya. God bless you.

Kris Roney said...

I just read your last 2 entries. Am praying that God holds you safely in his mighty hand, that he shines his Light into the huge spiritual darkness there, that the other Christians there will be safe and effective towards their neighbors. Are you healthy? I was concerned to see that getting enough water to drink and food to eat was a problem as well. So could you write abt thats going in your current location too? God bless you Andrew!

Jenny Desmond said...

Andrew-I was reading Philemon today and I love how what you're doing goes along with verse 6. "I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ." May your sharing in the lives of those around you "refresh the saints". I know the novelty wears off, and you get to the grubby everyday survival. You may not witness the difference it makes until you reach heaven. God bless.

Jenny Desmond said...

P.S. We're still posting your prayer requests in the bulletin weekly.

Anonymous said...

sounds great andrew!!! doing a great job