Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sad News from Kathmandu

Jaymasi! While I am no longer in Nepal, I still want to use this blog to keep others aware of what's going on there. Here is an article from

Bomb rocks Dhobighat church; two killed, dozen others injured

Two persons were killed and over a dozen others wounded when a bomb went off at the Church of Assumption in Dhobighat Saturday morning.

Security personnel and media persons inspect the blast scene  at the Assumption Church in Dhobighat, Lalitpur, Saturday morning, May 23 09.  Two persons were killed and dozen others injured in the blast.

The deceased have been identified as Celestina Joseph, 14, a ninth grade student of St Mary's school and a resident of Betia, India and Deepa Patric, 30. The former died while being taken to the hospital and the latter died while undergoing treatment.

14 others who were injured are undergoing treatment at Alka Hospital, Jawalakhel and Patan Hospital. Situation of two is reported to be critical.

The bomb went off at 9.15 am when as Saturday prayer was about to begin. There were about 150 people in the church when the bomb went off, an eyewitness who introduced himself as Gabriel told Nepalnews.

Police said it was a low-intensity IED hidden underneath the seat in the prayer hall.

Father Bogati, chief of the Assumption Church has condemned the incident. Damodar Gautam of World Hindu Federation also condemned the blast saying attacks on religious shrines were unfortunate.

No one has officially owned up the blast. Involvement of Nepal Defense Army is suspected as pamphlets suggested that the group carried out the bomb attack.

The little-known Hindu extremist outfit has mentioned various demands in the pamphlet including declaration of a Hindu nation, compulsory Sanskrit education till middle school, and public holidays on Hindu festivals.

The same group is believed to have killed Father Joshn Prakash in Dharan last year. ta May 23 09

Please pray for the church and the community as they seek to restore and forgive
Grace and peace

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