Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some Thoughts on the Trip

I am waiting patiently to figure out where in the world I'll be going. We finally heard back from our contact in Nepal. He said there's a possibility that I can be used out there. He is waiting for one of his team members to return from a village. He hasn't heard from him in awhile. Apparently he's in a place where you have to walk to. No roads. Crazy.

Also, Nepal's government is currently going through a shift of power. Their monarchy was overthrown by Maoists in August. So they are currently going through a major process of settling and adjusting to whatever governmental changes may occur. With that in mind, the liberty to openly talk about Nepal might be more restricted in the coming months in relation to my going there.

Our other contact in Thailand is currently in transition. She is between homes at the moment. She felt the need to move on from where she was at, as the Thai leadership was sufficient to be on there own. She is now waiting to see were G-d would have her be, whether it be an outlying village, or if she should even stay in Thailand at all.

In response to all these haps, I've been looking into cultures and customs. It has been a real eye opener. Not just on the cultural aspects of the trip, but on the financial/material side as well. Considering I could live in Thailand for around $12 a day. This would include room & board, food, transportation, and a translator. It has caused me to sincerely take stock in how I live. I don't have much in comparison to my fellow Americans, but in comparison my brothers and sisters in other parts of the world, I'm wealthy.

This revelation has caused me to try to live simpler. Try to be more grateful. Less entitled. It has also cause me to seek the Creator in ways that transcend words. I haven't even left the country and I'm already starting to be effected by the prospect of serving overseas. It is no small honor to be called to be an Ambassador of the Kingdom, at home or abroad. However, I cannot think of anything more humbling than this as well.

I'll continue to keep you posted.

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