Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home


I made it home yesterday.

I spent the night before at LAX waiting for my connecting flight. I had the opportunity to get used to the simple things in life, like automatic faucets and escalators.

While I may be home and the current adventure over, I will still be updating this blog as I receive updates from my Nepali friends.

My current plan is to spend a week at home. Then I'll be road tripping to California on Tuesday. I'll be in California for two weeks. (May 27th thru June 10th)

Thanks to all of you who have been reading and praying. You have been a key part of this experience and I hope your hearts will continue to remember Nepal.

Deri danyabad (Thank You Very Much)
Bal Bahadar (Andrew)


Anna Margaret said...

It has been a blessing and such an honor...to read, and to pray.
You are such an amazing young man of God....
May you be blessed...as you have been such a blessing, not only to myself, but I know, to so many...

Mercy, peace and love
be yours in abundance. Jude 2


Anonymous said...

if you're still in cali, hit me up!!