Thursday, February 12, 2009

Live From Bangkok

So after an amazingly loooong flight I am finally in Thailand. The fact that I am on the otherside of the globe is starting to set in. English is being overtaken by Thai and Hindi as I cruise the terminal. It is indeed an eye opening experience.

My flight wasn't too bad. I had an aisle seat on the side. My own video screen. Three square meals. It wasn't too shabby at all. The total flight time was 17 hours and 50 mins. We flew north through Alaska, then across to Russia, down over Japan and then over Vietnam into Thailand. I have an hour before I can even go wait at my gate for my flight to Kathmandu, so I'm going to browse around and find something to snack on.

I finished my first book on the flight, Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers, it was such a good book I'm sure I will read it again before the trip is through. I have started The New Friairs and it looks to be a truly challenging book.

until next time
grace and peace


Jenny Desmond said...

Bangkok-wow, that's exotic. Too bad we never got you set up to meet Dagmar there. I sent you an email at andrewthepoet about money. Any good rice yet?

Anonymous said...

sweet man.. glad you made it safe and you're out there doing it!!

Anna Margaret said...

So glad to read about what a good trip, traveling mercies, you were blessed with....God is good!

Carissa said...

Hope all is going well! Reminding everyone to lift you up today as you adjust to life in Nepal!~