Friday, February 27, 2009

Week Two: Go West Young Man

So things have slowed down a bit. Partly because I've stayed in Pokhara. Partly because that cold came back. But never fear, it was good to slow down.

With tons of time doing nothing but traveling and then being sick I was able to read all of the Gospels and Acts (the fifth Gospel). Let me tell you, what a blessing that was. It's always good to get a refresher course on why I do what I do and to be encouraged by those who came before me.

A kernel of exceptional encouragement was the fact the Dr. Luke never really wrote an ending to Acts. He leaves of with Paul in house arrest continuing with his outreach in Rome. He doesn't tack an "The End" or "Amen" at the end because the story is not finished. The story continues. The Spirit still moves. Oh what blessed hope!

So this past week has been more adjustment to both being in a new culture and being away from family. This is usually the time when the team is packing up and heading out. Alas, there is no team and the departure date is three months yet t0 come. Yesterday it hit me that I'm in Nepal. It hit me that I will be living the next few months of my life here. I'm still getting over the shock (I can be a little slow sometimes).

I had the unique pleasure of spending the better part of a day working along side a YWAM outreach team from Norway. That's right, you read right, Norway. It was a much needed time for me to be encouraged and I know the guys here were as well. They were passing through on there way to India. They had just spent a few days in Kathmandu after coming over from Tibet. The team was an international mix of Norwegians, Swedes, Greenlanders, Canadians and Californians. Please keep them in prayer as the finish out their trip.

Sunday I head out for West Nepal to visit and help out a church plant team in a Muslim community. I was told yesterday that tensions are rising as some fundamentalist Hindu groups are publishing anti-Christian propaganda. Because of this, the team leader said I might be spending the majority of the week in surrounding villages rather than the city. There maybe opportunity to teach at and work alongside the local CPTs and churches.

As for pictures, I'm can't guarantee anything at the moment. I've hit three different cafe's and only one of them had access to the actual computer so I could plug my cam in. With sketchy power and crazy net caf's, getting on here to update is an adventure all its own.

grace and peace


Anonymous said...

ironic isnt it.....over here people have no idea what you are, black, maybe mexican never white. but over there they all seem to think that your one of them. so all in all you should feel like you belong there....maybe that'll get you through the time there.....just think of it as a home


Jenny said...

I'm impressed. I like that you are honest, that the trip is starting to require endurance. It's hard, and no one can rescue you from it, it's a furnace you'll have to walk through with the Holy Spirit. Hope the cold goes away for good making it easier to process and enjoy life.
I found a good webpage about culture shock, if you're interested.

Also, next week will be Missions Sunday featuring Nepal, if you're able to download a couple pix we'll use them, if not, no prob. Whoever knew you could have the internet and be so isolated? We're praying for you, look forward to hearing adventures in the West. -Jenny